BELLA BOSS: Evette Rios

BELLA BOSS: Evette Rios


By Daniela Uribe

We had the pleasure of getting to know a true BELLA Boss this past holiday. The inspiring and successful Evette Rios. Evette has an astonishing list of accomplishments and talents from TV host, lifestyle expert, interior designer, to cooking and crafting wonders. It was a pleasure meeting her this past holiday season and learning more about this wonderful BELLA Boss.

Can you briefly tell us a little about your company/job?

As an interior designer, lifestyle expert and a creative, I subscribe to the mantra of self-expression through bringing my rich heritage of traditions and culture to life in a refreshingly contemporary and colorful twist within my work. I am incredibly grateful to be able to share my knowledge, helping others build a home and life for themselves and families, as our homes are where we share and pass down traditions and legacies. I also love that my job has granted me the opportunity to team up with brands across various industries that champion Latino art, architecture and culture which are key inspirations seen in my work.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of what you do?

The most rewarding thing about what I do is being able to apply the DIY attitude I grew up with as part of my inspiration. Being able to create with my hands, whether it’s tiling floors or hosting an amazingSobremesa dinner with a renowned brand like Rémy Martin, allows me to stay in touch with myself and my Latino roots. Teaming up with a brand like Rémy Martin, who is always at the forefront of momentous occasions that bring people together and foster deep-rooted connections through excellence is a rewarding experience. Having the opportunity to create a thoughtful and interactive ambiance tailored to the celebration of Sobremesa, a post-dining tradition centered on the appreciation of time and people, is a proud moment for me as a creative.

In only one sentence, what would you say is the secret to your success?

The secret to my success has been staying in touch with Puerto Rican roots and letting it inform everything I do. The entire industry [interior design/home] seemed to espouse the same DIY attitude that I grew up with, which is not uncommon in Latino families. Working with Rémy Martin on the Sobremesa campaign, which embraces the rich history and tradition of Latino culture, has allowed me to continue expressing myself, my passions, and most importantly my Puerto Rican heritage – abetting in my overall success.


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