BELLA On PIX 11 News: 5 Ways to Encourage A Healthy Work Environment

BELLA On PIX 11 News: 5 Ways to Encourage A Healthy Work Environment


Many of us have worked with someone who has had a negative effect on our emotional well-being. We’ve probably tried a few tactics to cope such as venting to friends, disengaging from the social scene at work or even gossiping about the person.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way. By learning what creates a toxic work environment you can equip yourself to prevent it from depleting your energy and productivity.


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1. Establish Communication. Having good communication can ensure a transparent and open workplace. Clashes and disagreements are unavoidable, but they aren’t necessarily entirely negative. Voicing out opinions and healthy confrontations will not only prevent future disagreements but also bring open-mindedness and innovative ideas out of everyone.

2. Implement Work and Personal Boundaries. Under the current climates, we’ve all experienced work-from-home setups, and we know the need of setting clear boundaries between our work and personal life. For employees, don’t neglect setting aside time for yourself and your friends and family, especially during the weekends. For the boss, set clear work hours and expectations.

3. Make Efforts for Wellness. Surveys show that more than half of employees would willingly participate in workplace wellness programs if provided by their companies. Some organizations even offer discount gym memberships, online fitness class subscriptions, and even sports events to encourage physical activity. Physical health goes hand-in-hand with an employee’s overall working condition.

4. Improve Break-time Areas. While most companies will already have designated areas for breaks, it’s important to assess if they’re really conducive to rest and recovery. For instance, some provide their employees with books, snack bars, and coffee machines to help them destress and get their energy back.

5. Encourage Company Culture. Finally, encourage employees to participate in company culture endeavors. Organizations that neglect this aspect suffer from lower employee retention rates. Help your team build relationships with their coworkers and mentors by holding team-building activities, celebrating events, organizing company trips, or even through online means such as team calls, weekly check-ins, and game nights.

The link between holistic health and productivity shouldn’t be underestimated. Workplaces and co-workers can all work together towards creating workplace wellness.

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