Celebrate Love This Valentine’s Day with Maison Ladurée


Today more than ever, we crave sweet nothings, words as comforting as a delicious pâtisserie. What is your favorite nickname for the one you love? In French, a common term of endearment is “mon chou” (my sweetheart.) The French expression “Chou” is perfect for Ladurée, the luxury pâtisserie famous for its macarons, but also for its Saint Honoré cakes, choux wedding cakes, and réligieuses. Offering all kinds of iconic delights made with choux pastry, it is fitting indeed for the Maison to celebrate the season of love with the launch of a “Mon chou” collection. Through the collection, Ladurée is making a great declaration of love with a lighthearted vibe that is oh so French and oh so sweet.

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Macaron gift boxes & heart-shaped macarons

Ladurée’s signature green gift box has been completely redecorated by hand: ensuring it makes the ultimate declaration of love. Available with 8 or 12 macarons for a delicious and sweet moment to share.

Chef Julien Alvarez also delights our taste buds with a unique recipe: two heart-shaped, iridescent red macaron shells hiding a passion fruit and sweet clover filling. Available individually or in boxes of 8 or 12 macarons.

  • Heart-shaped macarons available from February 11th to 15th.
  • Box of 8 macarons: $30
  • Box of 12 macarons: $49
  • Passion fruit and sweet clover heart macaron: $3 per piece

Personalized macarons “Je t’aime”

Declare your love in the most delicious way with our iconic vanilla macaron printed with “je t’aime”.

  • Available from January 11th to February 14th in stores and on laduree.us
  • Macaron with “je t’aime”: $4.10 per piece

Romantic patisseries

And to celebrate love, a Ladurée heart-shaped brioche topped with generous pieces of pink praline is the ideal partner for breakfast or tea.

  • Available from February 6th to 14th in stores and on laduree.us
  • Praline brioche to share: $23

Celebrate Love At Ladurée

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Ladurée’s tea rooms and restaurants. On the menu: a recipe devised by Chef Julien Alvarez that is simply irresistible: Pan-fried brioche French toast topped with a mango compote, vanilla ice cream and Chantilly cream. All sprinkled with pieces of sweet clover macaron shell and passion fruit for extra crunch and deliciousness. Finally, passion fruit juice is delicately poured when the plate is served for a unique experience.

  • Available from February 6th to 14th in Ladurée restaurants.
  • Valentine’s French toast: $1


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