Healthy Hair Hacks – Healthy hair is always in!


By Melissa Hauck

It’s that time of year again… Seasonal depression is kicking in, our skin is flaking, our lips are cracking, and our hair is dry AF! Try some hair care self-care to boost your mood and keep your locks shiny and strong.

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Strong, shiny hair starts from within. Studies show that collagen can improve hair growth by regenerating hair follicles, thickening hair density, helping with hair loss, and even slowing hair graying! What?!?!?!

Hair Masks

Reduced moisture, cold winds, and hot showers can definitely make your hair dry and frizzy. There’s no better time to throw on a hair mask and drink some hot cocoa by the fire than the dead of winter! Even though the weather is dry, that doesn’t mean your hair has to be!

Scalp Health

Just like the skin on our face, our scalp also needs weekly exfoliation. Gentle exfoliating will remove dead skin cells and stimulate blood flow. If your scalp is dry, use
a soothing or hydrating mask. Your scalp will thank you!

Hair Protectant

Our hair is much more prone to breakage this time of year. That’s why you should always use a heat protectant. No matter the time of year, our hot tools will always do damage. Use a heat protectant with hold before curling or flat-ironing your hair. On your “no wash day, throw on a cute beanie to protect your hair from the dry air.

Avoid Overwashing

Dry shampoo will be your best friend! Spray at your roots before styling or before bed to wake up with oil-free, voluminous hair.


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