By Vanessa Jordan

The best way to start romancing yourself is to take a day to honor the beauty within. Start your day with the knowledge that true romance includes balance and harmony.

Spend the first hour or so taking stock of your life. Look at any negative thinking you may be harboring and how it’s affecting your life. Spend time analyzing your views on romance – what you think it is or isn’t. List what things you’d like done for you by someone else and do them for yourself.

Take the time to work on getting rid of old, negative images you may have about romance. Make notes on how you might not be romancing yourself. Signs are negative behaviors, judging yourself, abusing yourself or allowing others to abuse you.

Next, make a commitment to yourself that you will spend time to take care of yourself with love and patience (the way you would care for a small child). Start by showing gratitude for who you are and what you have. Do things that really please you – things that maybe you haven’t done in years or ever, for whatever reason. Listen to music, read poetry, paint, surround yourself with fabrics, colors, whatever things that give you happy feelings and bring you joy.

Create an act of love. Do something kind for another human being or an animal just to do it. Maybe you’ve had a falling out with a friend. Call them and clear things up if you can. Clear the negative air.

Should you decide that you absolutely must “suffer” on Valentine’s Day (perhaps you’re grieving the loss of a relationship recently), then use the time to reflect on the experience so the next time you see another person in pain you’ll be able to better empathize with them.

And when Valentine’s Day has come and gone, remember that every day of life is a special occasion. Every day holds new possibilities – beginnings, endings and changes – for you to better your life and the lives of others.  That’s truly what love and romance are all about!

Source: New feed