Wrongly accused + sentenced for murder, James Gibson celebrates freedom with inspirational new song


The poignant “Mama Can You Hear Me” lyrics are taken from the letters he sent home to his beloved mother during his incarceration

James Gibson was sentenced to life imprisonment after being wrongly convicted of murder. James fought for his freedom and following a lengthy battle in the courts, he was completely exonerated.

Since his release, he has sought to help others and has worked to channel positivity through the creativity of music and has created the beautifully melodic and inspirational track ‘Mama, Can You Hear Me?’ The song is a 3Z Music House collaboration performed by Lauren Dionne and James Gibson, written in honor of James’ mother, Clara Gibson, using the words from one of 10,000 letters written during his false imprisonment.

“I am very proud of the young people that came together to help me express my words and feelings. The song is ultimately a message of love,” says James. “Although there is sadness within the words, I hope it is also uplifting and inspirational and brings positivity to those who listen to is it.”

In December of 1989 at the young age of 23, James was falsely arrested, beaten, and tortured by rogue police officers under the command of disgraced Chicago Police commander, Jon Burge. With incredible courage and dedication James fought to clear his name, and after a lengthy legal process he finally won his freedom and was fully exonerated in April of 2019. During his incarceration James’ mother Clara supported her son wholeheartedly. She would visit him regularly, making a lengthy bus journey to prison. Clara was deaf so unable to spend time talking on the phone with her son, so the visits became invaluable.

The letters James wrote to her shared his thoughts, emotions and his love for her and his family. It was Clara’s her life’s wish to see her sons name cleared but sadly she passed away before James was released. In honor of his mother James set up the Clara and James Gibson foundation, a charitable endeavor, which is committed to providing advocacy on behalf of incarcerated prisoners and their families.

All proceeds from this track, which is available apple music and YouTube will go to the Foundation.

For more information on James Gibson visit https://www.imjamesgibson.com/


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