Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine Doctor, Dr. Neil Paulvin


As the new year has just begun, many have the resolution to live a healthier lifestyle this year. Even though it can be hard to stick to resolutions and make your health a priority in a busy day- to day life, you will be thankful later on! If you need assistance in revolutionizing your lifestyle – no worries, you don’t have to do it alone! Wellness expert Dr. Neil  Paulvin has made it his profession to help his patients optimize their health, perform better under pressure, recover faster and move beyond the baseline.

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In his practice in Manhattan, Dr. Paulvin  works with a 360 approach, combining traditional and alternative medicine to provide his patients with the treatment they need. He is specializing in Peptide Therapy, Sports Medicine, Mitochondrial Health, Bioidentical Hormone therapy, Longevity Medicine, and the brain-gut connection, which has helped many patients including Fortune 500 executives, Olympic athletes, and A-list celebrities, live a healthy lifestyle and perform at their best.

We talked to the Wellness expert about his work, methods, and tips for living a healthy lifestyle in 2023.

Please start by sharing with our audience what inspired you to become a doctor, specializing in functional medicine.

I had patients with pain complaints that weren’t getting better with traditional medicine. I implemented alternative methods and found that not only did the pain disappear, but their overall health and well-being improved significantly in a matter of weeks.

In your practice you work with your patients on a personalized 360-degree approach. Tell us about your method and the work that you do.  

I believe in treating patients with a comprehensive approach by managing their brain, gut, mood, lifestyle and biomarkers to help them heal, thrive and optimize their health. I start by ordering a complete biomarker panel to get a full health perspective. Based on their results, I take a hyper-personal  approach to help them streamline hormone and thyroid imbalances, decrease inflammation, and meet their mind and body goals. I work closely with each patient to develop a plan of action focused on longevity to help optimize their health.

From sports medicine to brain health, weight loss, and more, you specialize in many different areas. What is the most frequent reason for your patients’ visits? 

Most of my patients are interested in brain health or sports medicine. I treat a number of Fortune 500 executives and A-list athletes to help them perform better under pressure, recover faster and move beyond the baseline. Most of these patients will be treated with osteopathic manipulation, which incorporates techniques such as cupping or myofascial release, adjustments, red light therapy, lymphatic drainage, NAD IVs, Peptide IVs and beyond.

What do you like most about your job and what is the most challenging part?

I like helping patients that have been told there is “no reason” for their symptoms or there is “no treatment” available for them, and helping them rebound. The most challenging part is seeing patients who need my help, but don’t follow through with my instructions.

As a wellness expert, please give our readers some tips for a good and healthy life. Are there any preventive measures you can recommend?

  1. Work on getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night and maintain your circadian rhythm.  Go to bed at the same time daily and wake up at the same time daily.
  2. Get morning sun, ideally within 60 minutes after waking.
  3. Keep the bedroom dark and at 65 degrees (F) while you sleep.
  4. Go into a sauna at 2-4 times per week for at least 30 minutes per session


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