VAHDAM India launches Emily in Paris Limited Edition Gift Set


Have you seen the new season of Emily in Paris yet? If not, you definitely should! Watching Emily Cooper’s journey in the city of love truly makes you want to jump on a plane and move to Paris immediately. From memorable outfits to great music, sweet love stories, and a whole lot of women-power, the show has everything the rom-com-loving heart desires.

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Inspired by Emily’s exuberant style and the chic Parisian life, VAHDAM India has launched the Emily in Paris Limited Edition Gift Set. This exclusive set is the show’s first collaboration with tea and shaped like a vintage suitcase. Each element of the design brings out the essence of the show.

The set includes four exclusive, different blends, crafted especially for this collaboration, with something for everyone. The floral infusion La Vie En Rose is made of rose petals, cranberry, beetroot candy and pomegranate. Ingénue Violet is a tisane tea crafted with hibiscus, lavender, blue pea, and blue cornflower. The light herbal tea blend Voila! Vanilla is made of natural vanilla, cocoa nibs, and candy with flowers herbs. And last but not least, Le French Earl Grey is an earl grey tea blend of premium Indian black tea with pure blue cornflower and bergamot flavor.

Emily in Paris Gift Set + Tumbler, $99.99
Emily in Paris Gift Set, $79.99
Individual Tin Tea Caddies, $19.99


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